We recognise that your role is crucial in supporting your learners to access Higher Education and we want to help.

You can book learners onto our events and activities, as well as finding out more about our programme and what’s on offer.

We appreciate the importance of ensuring activities connect with the curriculum and provide enrichment.

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Gatsby Benchmarks

Greater Manchester Higher can support schools to work towards Ofsted objectives and the Department for Education’s expectations for Careers Guidance and provider access to schools. 

Our activity can contribute towards multiple Gatsby Benchmarks as well as Ofsted objectives for supporting learners to make ‘choices about the next stage of their education (…) from impartial careers advice and guidance’ and ensuring learners are ‘prepared for the next stage in their education, training or employment.’

Activities such as our 1:2:1 HE guidance, which can contribute to benchmarks 3, 7, 8 and our industry insight events which can contribute to 2, 4, 5, 7.

More information can be found in our GM Higher and Gatsby guide

We have highlighted which activities contribute to which Gatsby Benchmarks in our Core Programmes. 

Regional Progression Framework

Greater Manchester Higher has developed a Regional Progression Framework (RPF) to support the delivery of NCOP targeted outreach activities. The idea being that individual activities build up over time into a coherent package of engagement for each learner.

The RPF supports:

  • A planned, integrated and progressive approach to supporting learners towards higher education
  • Schools and colleges to meet their Gatsby benchmarks
  • Individual needs and aspirations of learners regardless of where they are based

More information can be found in our Regional Progression Framework

We have highlighted which activities contribute to which learner outcomes in our Core Programmes.

Take a look at our programmes

Pre-16 NCOP Programme

Download Pre-16 NCOP Programme PDF

Post-16 NCOP Programme

Download Post-16 NCOP Programme PDF

Pre 16 All Schools Programme

Download Pre 16 All Schools Programme PDF

Targeted Learners Programme

Download Targeted Learners Programme PDF


Find the events you would like to book onto via our Events & Activities page.

You can use the search tool, or filter by selecting your school name.

For more information, please see: event booking guidance doc

Running times: you are required to inform the GMH staff member about early departure IN ADVANCE.

Running times vary at each event. If your group will need to leave early please discuss this with the GMH Staff member co-ordinating your visit IN ADVANCE of the event.

Once a booking for activity has been taken the school or college agrees to the following:

i. To communicate any change in the number of attendees, giving as much notice as possible;

ii. To return any requests for information needed before an event including number of attendees, monitoring and evaluation data (free school meals, learners who are young carers and learners with disability) and dietary and medical requirements etc.

iii. To notify the host University if a visit is being cancelled within the time period set out in the cancellation policy

By submitting a booking form you are agreeing on behalf of the school/college to the terms and conditions outlined above including the cancellation policy.

NCOP stands for – National Collaborative Outreach programme. Work is focused on local areas where higher education participation is lower than might be expected given the GCSE results of the young people who live there.

You can find out more


We are working with a number of external organisations in 2018-19 to deliver innovative teacher CPD programmes, alongside our bespoke sessions which are available on request and tailored to meet the needs of your school. We provide relevant CPD sessions for teachers and advisers across Greater Manchester who work with post-16 learners advising about HE, our sessions offer a range of themes, which include:

  • University Admissions: Insights from an Admissions Officer
  • Non-traditional routes into Higher Education
  • Qualification reform
  • Demystifying Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships
  • Researching Higher Education courses: ‘A tale of reputations and intuition’

Please contact your hub manager to discuss your requirements.

The government has identified electoral wards where higher education (HE) participation is lower than expected based on KS4 attainment and this is their definition of disadvantaged groups.

Our work must focus on providing intensive activities with learners from these wards, therefore 2/3rds of learners on any intervention must be from the target wards (with the exception of activity delivered to a whole year group or activity for targeted learners). Our Postcode tool will help you determine which of your pupils are from our target wards.

We offer an NCOP programme of activities for Pre-16 learners and a programme of activities for Post-16 learners.

As well as, a Pre-16 all schools and targeted learners programme.

All our activities are fully-funded, therefore, there is no cost.

If you have a question, you can find out more by contacting us!

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