We recognise that your role is crucial in supporting your learners to access Higher Education and we want to help.

You can use our website to book a wide range of events and activities for your learners, as well as to find out more about our programme and how we can support your school/college.

Our programme was developed in consultation with teachers, advisors and other stakeholders. It is designed to be collaborative, impartial and targeted. Please take a look at our Core Programmes to find out more about events and activities for your learners as well as CPD opportunities for staff.

Bookings can be made via our Events & Activities page.


University lecturer and learners working in a science lab

Take a look at our activity programmes

Pre-16 Target Postcode Programme

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Post-16 Target Postcode Programme

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All Schools Programme (Y9-13)

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Targeted Learners Programme

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Gatsby Benchmarks

As careers aspirations play a significant role in decision-making about higher education, we are working to embed careers related content into our activities (with a higher-level skills focus).

All of our activities support Gatsby Benchmark 7 ‘Encounters with further and higher education’, all other benchmarks noted on our activities are indicative of which Gatbsy benchmarks they may contribute to. For more information, please contact gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk.

We have highlighted which activities support which Gatsby Benchmarks in each of our Core Programmes.

Regional Progression Framework

Higher education outreach is most effective when it is delivered as a progressive, sustained programme of activity and engagement over time. Our Regional Progression Framework supports teachers and careers leaders in planning work with Greater Manchester Higher. It also connects to Gatsby Benchmarks.

Our Framework is based on three phases of learning and preparation for higher education:

  • Introductory
  • Development
  • Consolidation

It has the following six themes: LO1 Awareness, LO2 Pathways,  LO3 Attainment, LO4 Finance, LO5 Career Ready, LO6 Confidence and Resilience. Each phase is broadly aligned to Key Stages 3, 4, 5 but are not fixed to them. This means that different GM Higher activities can be assigned according to the learner’s current level of knowledge and exposure to higher education.

Our Regional Progression Framework was updated in July 2021 after consultation with our stakeholders and staff:




Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we have both virtual and face-to-face delivery options across our activities. You can find out more about what events and activities we are offering here: gmhigher.ac.uk/events-and-activities/

For further information, please contact your hub manager. Please check our risk assessment for face-to-face delivery: gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/lsd5m0p0p69o32pj122kvg46k8


Live delivery

• We have made arrangements to deliver activities to learners who are in a classroom where there is only one PC, as well as arrangements for activities to be delivered where each learner has their own device as we recognise this may not be possible.

• Live delivery will take place either using a school-nominated platform, Microsoft Teams (for an activity where learners are in the classroom with only one PC), or GoToWebinar (for an activity where learners are at home/have access to a device each).

• Where we are using the school platform, you will take responsibility for safeguarding arrangements and our staff will comply with any policies and procedures you have.

• For activities taking place in a classroom the support of teacher/advisor is needed to facilitate activities, detailed briefing provided in advance, and option to discuss over the phone.

• We can also deliver to multiple classrooms simultaneously.

• Please see our teacher guidance below:

GoToWebinar: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/l9mmt12nj8phe9t5a5ac2flg7t 

Microsoft Teams: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/s5bd7cmfniqasn4fcksbuinr8r 


Asynchronous delivery

For some activities, pre-recorded content will be available and/or lesson plans and resources for teacher/advisor-led sessions. This is most likely to be the case for subject-based activities.



Our online safeguarding guidance can be found here: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/90ak0bsgnvg5vjtj47gutkr3fr 

Online activities delivered in school: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/dncvn5v8m1m07ded9etodr9jm7 

Online activities delivered at home to one school group: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/6q21iavkk88q8bl0no62040mim

Online activities delivered at home to multiple groups (including from different schools): https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/9tbq28k5i7ij5spfi66b5jbrtu



Monitoring and evaluation remain crucial in proving the impact of GMH activities and support the case for further funding.

There are three options, and this must be agreed upon in advance:

    1. Learners complete online evaluation directly using the link provided (preferred)
    2. Teacher/advisor prints paper forms and scans them back to GMH (preferred)
    3. Hub drops off and collects paper forms

We are exploring a printing bursary to support financial and time implications for schools re. option 2, to be confirmed following our project steering group in late October.

If you have any questions please contact your hub manager or for non-target schools the outreach hub team via gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk

Target Postcode schools and colleges will be supported by a Hub Manager who will facilitate a structured needs analysis and planning process.

All schools/colleges will be supported by our GM Higher central team, who will help you access relevant GM Higher activities for your learners, as well as signposting to various events and activities at our partner institutions.

You can also use our Regional Progression Framework as a tool to help map activity across the learning outcomes for your learners.

If you require additional support with planning your engagement or have questions about any of our activities please contact gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk

Our Target Postcode programme is for year 9-13 learners only. If you are a target postcode school/college please review our core programme brochures for Pre-16 target postcode learners and Post-16 target postcode learners.

Our all schools programme includes activity for year 9-13 learners and available to all state schools in Greater Manchester. Please see the All Schools programme.

We also signpost all schools to other activities taking place at our partner institutions, which are targeted at a wide range of ages from Primary to Post-16.

We offer tailored activities for targeted learner groups (looked after children, care leavers, disabled learners, young carers) and their supporters, please see the targeted learners programme.

Find the events you would like to book onto via our Events & Activities page.

You can use the search tool, or filter by selecting your school name.

For more information, please see: event booking guidance doc

All of our activities are fully-funded, therefore, there is no charge to schools, colleges or learners.

We need schools and colleges to support the monitoring and evaluation of our work so that we can evidence impact and comply with our funding requirements. The standard requirement is to provide learner registers prior to all activities and complete activity evaluation.

A requirement of our Office for Students funding is to track learner destinations so that long-term impact can be measured.

We ask learners to opt in to the collection and processing of their personal data for tracking and evaluation purposes via our Destination Tracking Forms. We require Destination Tracking Forms to be completed for all learners who take part in our activities.

All processes are fully GDPR compliant. Further information about our data collection and GDPR compliance can be found in the GMH Data Collection & GDPR Compliance document.

Greater Manchester Higher aims to support the government’s social mobility goals by increasing the number of young people from under-represented groups who go into higher education.

The Uni Connect programme focuses on target wards, which are identified by areas where higher education participation is lower than what might be expected given the GCSE results of the young people who live there.

Pre 16

For any school-organised activity (subject-specific, hub-funded, projects) 66% of learners need to be from a target postcode.

For the remaining 33%, learners from the following groups should be targeted:

  • Looked after children/care leavers
  • Learners with disabilities (including long-term health conditions and additional needs)
  • Young carers
  • Free school meals
  • First-generation HE
  • Asylum seeker/refugee status
  • Military family/service children

For activities where individual learners sign up (summer schools), those who meet postcode criteria will be prioritised, followed by those who meet additional WP criteria.

For 1-2-1s we expect 100% of the learners to be from a target postcode due to the intensity of the intervention.

Post 16

For any school/college-organised activity (subject-specific, hub-funded, projects) 50% of learners need to be from either an NCOP or POLAR 4 Q1 or Q2 postcode.

For the remaining 50%, learners from the following groups should be targeted:

  • Looked after children/care leavers
  • Learners with disabilities (including long-term health conditions and additional needs)
  • Young carers
  • Estranged students
  • First-generation HE
  • Asylum seeker/refugee status
  • Military family/service children

For activities where individual learners sign up (mentoring and summer schools), those who meet postcode criteria will be prioritised, followed by those who meet additional WP criteria.

For 1-2-1s we expect 100% of the learners to be from a target postcode or a POLAR 4 Q1 or Q2 postcode due to the intensity of the intervention.

We are committed to offering free outreach activities to all state schools in Greater Manchester which include campus visits, in-school activities, parent talks and CPD for teachers and advisors.

For some activities, we may ask schools to select learners who are underrepresented in higher education such as those who are the first in their family to progress to higher education, are in receipt of free school meals, who have been in local authority care, who have a disability, learning difficulty or long-term health condition or have caring responsibilities.

Some schools will be proactively supported by GM Higher in accessing these activities based upon priority criteria.

To find out more information about what support your school can receive, contact gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk

We can provide CPD sessions for teachers and advisors to provide impartial information around key higher education themes.

We can deliver sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours either as a twilight session or as part of an INSET day.

This activity is available on request and can be tailored to your school/college requirements. Please email gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk for more information.

GM Higher FAQs Illustration

Resources for teachers

GM Higher documents

Postcode Tool - to help you to quickly identify target postcode learners within your learner cohort and collate activity registers for engagement

Postcode Tool video - a quick 'step by step' guide on how to use the postcode tool

Guidance on how to password protect an activity register

Schools Partnership Agreement - a document outlining expectations and key policies

Event Booking Checklist

Risk Assessment for in School/College Face-to-Face delivery

Regional Progression Framework - a useful tool to inform your planning of HE progression support and outreach activity for your learners

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