Supporting your young person to access higher education.

We recognise your role is crucial in supporting your young person to access higher education and we want to help.

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Your young person will be faced with many important decisions about their education, so it’s vital for you to understand the pathways available to them in order to help them make the right decision.

We’ve gathered a range of information to help you explore the benefits of higher education and how you can help them to get there.


What is higher education?

What can Greater Manchester Higher offer my young person?

Why has my young person been selected to attend Greater Manchester Higher activities?

Does it cost to attend events?

Will my young person have to provide personal details?

Do you run information events for parents and carers?

Where can I find out more about higher education?

Parents' Guide to University

UniTasterDays have worked with experts from different universities and colleges throughout the UK to put this guide together to help you, as a parent or carer, to support your young person with their higher education decisions.

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