Attainment Raising

In 2022 the Office for Students instructed Uni Connect partnerships, along with universities, to work with schools to help raise attainment. Following a number of pilots in 2022-23, we’ve developed an innovative attainment raising offer, providing real-world solutions based on evidence of what works.

Our offer aims to do the following:

  • Improve the academic and study skills of learners.
  • Increase learners’ confidence, motivation and resilience towards learning.
  • Boost teaching skills by providing CPD opportunities for educators.

These sustained projects are highly targeted, so in many cases we’re working with specific schools based on need. However we’re happy to receive enquiries about any of these activities if your school would be interested in the future.

our offering

The Brilliant Club - Make Your Mark

Tutor Trust

Maths Buddy

Go for Growth mentoring 

Summer schools


Progressive Masculinity

Greater Manchester Boys Impact Hub

Learning Innovator

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