Cancellation Policy

When booking an event with Greater Manchester Higher schools/colleges agree to adhere to the cancellation policy as outlined below. 

Cancellation Costs 

When an event is cancelled, Greater Manchester Higher will still incur costs for non-refundable bookings such as catering, transportation, and ambassadors, and in some cases this can be in excess of £1,500.  

As such, we reserve the right to charge schools/colleges a cancellation fee where less than 14 days cancellation notice has been given, or where learner numbers are significantly reduced without prior agreement (at least 14 days in advance of the event).  

The fee will be a contribution towards any costs already incurred.  

Once an activity booking has been confirmed, the school or college agrees to undertake the following in good time prior to the event: 

  • Return any information required by the institution, including an activity register and dietary and medical requirements.  
  • Notify the event organiser(s) of any potential changes or issues with attendance within the time period set out in the cancellation policy. 

Where unavoidable circumstances, such as those caused by a health & safety incident, result in a school/college having to cancel an activity at short notice, Greater Manchester Higher can waive the fee if all reasonable steps were taken to minimise impact.