GM Higher online delivery update

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we have made arrangements for all of our activities to be offered virtually. However, from September 2021 we will be able to offer some face-to-face delivery of a small number of select in-school activities. You can find out more about what events and activities we are offering here:

To discuss the option of face-to-face delivery, please contact your hub manager. Please check our risk assessment for face-to-face delivery:

Live delivery

• We have made arrangements to deliver activities to learners who are in a classroom where there is only one PC, as well arrangements for activities to be delivered where each learner has their own device as we recognise this may not be possible.
• Live delivery will take place either using a school-nominated platform, Microsoft Teams (for an activity where learners are in the classroom with only one PC), or GoToWebinar (for an activity where learners are at home/have access to a device each).
• Where we are using the school platform, you will take responsibility for safeguarding arrangements and our staff will comply with any policies and procedures you have.
• For activity taking place in a classroom the support of teacher/advisor is needed to facilitate activities, detailed briefing provided in advance, and option to discuss over the phone.
• We can also deliver to multiple classrooms simultaneously.
• Please see our teacher guidance below:


Microsoft Teams: 

Asynchronous delivery

For some activity, pre-recorded content will be available and/or lesson plans and resources for teacher/advisor-led sessions and this is most likely to be the case for subject-based activity.


Our online safeguarding guidance can be found here: 

Online activities delivered in school: 

Online activities delivered at home to one school group:

Online activities delivered at home to multiple groups (including from different schools):


Monitoring and evaluation remains crucial in proving the impact of GMH activity and support the case for further funding.

There are three options, and this must be agreed upon in advance:

    1. Learners complete online evaluation directly using the link provided (preferred)
    2. Teacher/advisor prints paper forms and scans back to GMH (preferred)
    3. Hub drops off and collects paper forms

We are exploring a printing bursary to support financial and time implications for schools re. option 2, to be confirmed following our project steering group in late October.

If you have any questions please contact your hub manager or for non-target schools the outreach hub team via

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