Exam Workshop 3 – Maintaining Motivation for Exams Y11

Exam Workshop 3 – Maintaining Motivation for Exams Y11

About the event

This motivational workshop helps learners to stay positive in the lead-up to their exams.

Learners participate in activities so they can fulfil their potential. They will:

  • identify stresses that pull them down and stresses that drive them forward;
  • use good stress to motivate themselves; and
  • create a motivation plan to take away.

Ideally, this would be booked as the third in three exam workshops for Y11. It would work particularly well around mock exam results. It is also a standalone workshop.

Workshop Details:

Year group: 11

Group size: one class at a time

Length: 45-60 mins

Delivery method: In-person is preferable, but virtual delivery can also be arranged and streamed into multiple classrooms if this is the only way it fits into the timetable.

GM Higher will need to record the participation of learners in line with our funding requirements, so we will ask you to provide a register.

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