Sophie has taken part in a range of activities, including Wise Up Uni:4U summer school, The Brilliant Club, a visit to the University of Oxford and HE Taster Days at Wigan and Leigh College. 

Here’s what you had to say about her experience:

Brilliant Club helped me develop independence through doing my own research and assignment writing, I also did a speech at the end of the project during the graduation, which helped to develop my public speaking skills. Wise Up, Uni:4U summer school helped me develop my team building skills, working on my own initiative, as well as leadership and negotiation. I was also given the Future Leader award, after being nominated by the group leaders.

I really enjoyed attending the Wise Up Uni:4U summer school as this helped develop my independence, I made new friends, and it gave me a real taste of what university is like, and how different it is from being at school. Some of the friends we made from other schools, we are still in touch with now and meet up together. Staying on campus too, meant I really got a taste of university life. Some of the student ambassadors working at the summer school, were studying engineering and talking to them really helped me to get more of an interest, and it’s helped me to decide that I want to study engineering in the future.

The activities I’ve been involved in have helped me to choose what A-Levels I want to do – and that I want to study STEM subjects, and they’ve helped me to make the decision that I want to stay on at sixth form and go onto university. I’ve also started to think about what I want to do after school and I’ve started to research engineering Degree Apprenticeships and also Russell Group universities.


Y11, The Deanery Church of England High School

Sophie, Deanery School, Wigan