Mature Learners

There are many reasons why adults make the choice to return to education.

For many, the motivation is to change career or make further progress in an existing one. For others, it’s about a second chance – to turn an interest, or passion for a subject, into something more.

A higher education qualification is often the passport to these ambitions.

There are many different qualifications available – particularly across vocational (work-based) subjects. These are designed to address skills shortages and give you a head start on a specific career path.

Financial support is also available while you study, with nothing to pay upfront.

Whatever your starting point, we’re here to help.

What is a Mature Student?

A mature student is deemed to be somebody who is aged 21 or over.

Often more adults apply for higher education courses when there is an economic downturn in the knowledge that, in the long-term, this can lead to increased earnings over a lifetime.

These guides can help you make sense of your options and what lies ahead.

UCAS Mature Students Guide

The Complete University Guide for Mature Students

Where to start?

If job prospects and career progression is your motivation, concentrate on that first.

Then you will be able to ‘work backward’ to identify a course that supports your goal.

The National Careers Service will help you assess your skills and inform your next steps.

The Prospects website helps you to match your skills and personality to careers

UCAS subject guides will help you identify the perfect subject to study and also link to careers information