Success 4 Life (Summer School)

Success 4 Life (Summer School)

About the event

Are you a looked after or care experienced youth ready to seize the summer and pave your path towards success? Join us for an enriching five-day journey crafted just for you!

Get ready for a transformative experience where knowledge and empowerment collide with a dose of fun. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Build invaluable teamwork skills through exciting activities and challenges, forging bonds that will literally last forever.
  • Learn the art of keeping your cash flow in check, so you can live that independent life.
  • Dig deep inside and find your inner power to boost your confidence and self-love. You’ll be overcoming obstacles in your path with total resilience, like a champ.
  • Unleash your creativity and tap into your entrepreneurial spirit with a hands-on project, workshop and motivational talk from Adam Corbally, igniting your potential for the future.
  • Gain knowledge about higher education and educational pathways, giving you the power to rock those smart choices for your future.
  • Link up with fellow classmates in your age group, building tight bonds in a supportive and all-welcoming environment.
  • Hone transferable skills like communication, leadership and problem-solving, so you can have a great start to college and beyond!

Join us for an unforgettable week, where you’ll soak up knowledge, level up your skills, and make connections, all while carving out an exciting path to your future.

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Year 11
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22nd Jul 2024 - 26th Jul 2024
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Wigan & Leigh College

Event Provider - Wigan and Leigh College

Gatsby Benchmark

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Available Places: 15

Booking instructions: To be considered for this summer school, you’ll need to complete the expression of interest below by 28 April.

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