Songwriting: Music and English

Songwriting: Music and English

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Our school-based music workshop is perfect for GCSE & A-level students who want to improve their English writing skills and explore the art of songwriting. Over the course of the workshop, students will participate in an interactive session that covers the fundamentals of songwriting, including melody, lyrics, and composition. They will work with experienced professional musicians who will provide guidance on how to craft a compelling song from start to finish. In addition to songwriting, the workshop also incorporates a strong focus on English writing skills. Students will participate in a range of writing exercises and activities designed to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and overall writing abilities.

GM Higher will need to record participation of learners in line with our funding requirements, so we will ask you to provide a register.

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Year 7 - 13
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Event Provider - Royal Northern College of Music

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Available Places: Unlimited - depending on school class sizes

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