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Minds Matter

Event providers: Stockport College

Minds Matter is a workshop that covers key points around uncovering the definition of mental health and self-esteem, and how students can address their individual needs whilst maximising productivity. We will also give students the tools they need to prepare for their next steps and be confident so to alleviate pressures.

We cover the following themes:
-Mending mindsets
-Raising self-esteem- looking at self-care and self-image
-Accentuating the positive
-Social media – #Cleaningyourfeed
-Working productively, coping effectively
-Unboxing strategies for future success
The 1 hour fully interactive workshop takes notes from the NHS, Mind, The Wellbeing Thesis, Young Minds and Student Minds. Using a combination of techniques such as positive affirmation and inner child visualisation technique, and working productively within a home environment.

Event Age Groups IconY10, Y11, Y12, Y13

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Gatsby benchmark 3 8

RPF learner outcomes LO3 LO6

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Available Places: 25

On request- Can only be delivered to one class at a time.