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Destination HE – Year 10 Virtual campus visit

Event providers: Greater Manchester Higher

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Our virtual Y10 campus visit consists of three online sessions which are 30-60 minutes long. The first two sessions are delivered by our staff and consist of an IAG workshop and virtual campus tour and student ambassador Q&A. The third module is a teacher-led higher education quiz. You can find more information about each session below.

This can be booked for one or multiple classes at one time. We are happy to deliver this using your school’s preferred platform or alternatively, we will use our chosen platform, Microsoft Teams when delivering to a classroom or GoToWebinar when delivering to learners on individual devices.

Session 1: IAG workshop

This IAG workshop focuses primarily on the available options at post-16 in more depth, including the different routes within higher education. There is a clear emphasis that there is no set route or journey within higher education and everyone’s journey differs depending on the career path they want to pursue. We will touch on student finance and end with an open discussion for the students to comment on the pathway that they are interested in taking.

Session 2: Virtual Campus Tour & Student Ambassador Q&A

During the virtual campus tour, learners will be shown the campus and learning facilities of one of our partner institutions. In the Q&A, students will get to meet some of our student ambassadors who are all currently studying at a HE institution and ask them any questions they might have about being a student and student life.

Session 3: HE Quiz

This teacher-led workshop will increase awareness of higher education and the opportunities available to learners through taking part in a fun HE quiz. Learners will guess the course from the emoji, decipher anagrams, identify the clever celebrity and the course they studied, expose ‘fake news’ societies and decide on true/false statements, before crowning an individual or team!

Live delivery

• We have made arrangements to deliver activities to learners who are in a classroom where there is only one PC, as well arrangements for activities to be delivered where each learner has their own device as we recognise this may not be possible.
• Live delivery will take place either using a school-nominated platform, Microsoft Teams (for an activity where learners are in the classroom with only one PC), or GoToWebinar (for an activity where learners are at home/have access to a device each).
• Where we are using the school platform, you will take responsibility for safeguarding arrangements and our staff will comply with any policies and procedures you have.
• For activity taking place in a classroom the support of teacher/advisor is needed to facilitate activities, detailed briefing provided in advance, and option to discuss over the phone.
• We can also deliver to multiple classrooms simultaneously.

• Please see our teacher guidance below:

GoToWebinar: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/l9mmt12nj8phe9t5a5ac2flg7t 

Microsoft Teams: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/s5bd7cmfniqasn4fcksbuinr8r 

Our online safeguarding guidance can be found here: https://gmhigher.glasscubes.com/share/s/90ak0bsgnvg5vjtj47gutkr3fr 

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