CSI Forensic Science Workshop: Crime Scene to Courtroom

CSI Forensic Science Workshop: Crime Scene to Courtroom

About the event

*Please note this is an non-GM Higher event and there are costs starting from £895 for 30 learners associated (see below and website for further information).*

Offered by Pulse CSI, the CSI Forensic Science sessions will teach criminology students about how “Forensic Science” is used in a court of law. All students will learn about the applications and processes used at a crime scene investigation and the importance of forensic evidence in gaining a conviction. The sessions will be based on a full day’s workshop where the students will learn about forensic science techniques used at a crime scene investigation, which include looking for latent marks, such as fingerprints, footwear marks, hair and fibres, and the use of UV (Ultra Violet) lights. The session is completely “hands-on” and will definitely keep the students engaged thoroughly throughout the morning session.

The afternoon session will see the students investigating their crime scenes in their allocated teams and will apply the skillset learned from the morning session directly to the afternoon session. Mocked-up crime scene scenarios will be set up, in addition to the students having a list of suspect profiles, a victim profile, and an incident report, all the forensic resources, and evidence collection material will be provided for the students to use whilst investigating their crime scene.

Costs starting from £895 for 30 students (see website for details).

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