Star Student Board Game

Star student instructions

For the full instructions, please see the link: Star Student 

Top Tips

  • Remember that you are the host of the game show – therefore, in order to get the young people to fully join in,  you need to be enthusiastic and energetic 
  • Don’t be afraid to take star counters away if you need to, it may incentivise the young people to play properly and encourage healthy competition
  • Take advantage of the bonus questions on the cards, it’s a good way to make sure the other teams are still engaged and are actively participating
  • If one young person seems to always be the counter on the board, make sure you try and switch this around so that other people get a chance
  • When it comes to asking the questions, use your own discretion. If you pull out a card and think it may be too easy/hard for the group that you are working with, feel free to switch to a different card in the same category
  • Make sure to set aside time to complete the evaluation. Even if that means cutting the game short, it’s important that the evaluation is done. Let the teacher know about this if you don’t feel comfortable ending the game early