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We’ve achieved a lot over the years but 2019/20 was one of our most challenging (thanks pandemic!). Yet despite being unable to deliver our activities in schools and colleges, we still managed to work with 36,000 young people over the year.

Greater Manchester Higher is one of 29 UniConnect partnerships in England. Each partnership is funded by the Office for Students and our current funding ends on 31 July 2021. A consultation has just been launched which will decide what happens next. While we are likely to continue in some shape or form, the consultation will decide our structure, priorities, and how we will support targeted learners going forward.

How can you help?
We would like to hear from you and receive your messages of support for Greater Manchester Higher and the work we do. You can help by doing one of the following:

Respond to the Consultation
You can find a copy of the consultation on the Office for Students website 
It runs from 15 December 2020 to 19 January 2021 and responses to the proposals in the document can be made via an online form.

Social Media
From 15 December 2020 to 19 January 2021 our #WeAreGMHigher campaign will be running across our social media channels –
Use social media to post/tweet us a brief message of support and use the following hashtag: #WeAreGMHigher

Tag us in your posts –
· Twitter: GM_Higher
· Facebook: GreaterMcrHigher
· Instagram: gm_higher

Alternatively, you can email us a message of support. Don’t forget to tell us who you are and your experience of Greater Manchester Higher. We’ll be looking to use a selection of these messages across our social media channels and on our website.
We want to hear from the learners we work with, parents, carers, or teachers. Our student ambassadors – past and present, and the organisations we work with. Please email:

We know our mission is vital in helping young people realise their potential. With your help, we can continue.

Thank you for your support and we wish you all the best for the New Year.

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