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Why Teach? A Global Majority Project

Event providers: UCEN Manchester

During the 45-60 minute interactive workshop, pupils will learn about the underrepresentation of Global Majority teachers in the UK and how this has a direct effect on the progression of Global Majority pupils. Global Majority teachers will share (via virtual video) their personal stories and talk about their passion for teaching and explain why teaching is a viable career choice.

Pupils will learn:

  • The various pathways into a teaching career
  • How to get (tax free) money to train as a teacher
  • And how to apply for student finance.

The project will help Global Majority pupils look at the teaching industry, and teachers in a new light.

It’s important that children of all races benefit from educator diversity as it enriches their learning and is a positive representation of the community that I know because I’m a part of it, but they possibly don’t.” — Abigail Reid Teach First

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Targeted project in collaboration with Manchester City Council.

Did you know?

  • Only 0.1% of classroom teachers are of mixed White and Black heritage
  • Only 0.1% of deputy and assistant head teachers are of mixed White and Black heritage
  • Teachers were least likely to be from the Chinese or Mixed White and Black African ethnic groups.

The number of Global Majority teachers would need to double to accurately reflect the ethnic make-up of the state school pupil population in England.

This is why the Global Majority Why Teach project is so important.

Event Age Groups IconY10, Y11, Y12, Y13

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Gatsby benchmark 3 5 7

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