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‘Why Study?’ Talks

Event providers: The University of Manchester

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The University of Manchester’s ‘Why Study?’ series of presentations provides up-to-date information, advice and guidance to young people so that they can make informed decisions about their future.

The talks raise awareness of some of the most competitive and demanding subject areas in higher education and encourage students to aspire to study them. They’re delivered by PhD students in school or online with a passion for their subjects and higher education.

Available talks:

  • Why Study Astrophysics
  • Why Study Business
  • Why Study Medicinal Biochemistry
  • Why Study Medicine
  • Why Study Music
  • Why Study Physics
  • Why Study Psychology

The talks are delivered live in school/virtually and can be delivered to any group size. The sessions last ~30/45 minutes. Please state which ‘Why Study?’ talk you wish to book on the booking form.

Please note: Live delivery is subject to PhD student availability. We will work with the school and the PhD student to find a suitable time. If a session cannot be accommodated, we can offer alternative sessions or provide a pre-recorded version.

Event Age Groups IconY10, Y11, Y12, Y13

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On Request


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Booking info

On the Booking Form, please select the date and time that you wish to book a 'Why Study?' talk. Please provide information on which 'Why Study?' talk you would like to book in the 'Further Information' section.