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Virtual Enterprise Academy

Event providers: Wigan and Leigh College

Adam Corbally

Adam has worked closely with many schools, colleges and universities all over the UK to come up with and deliver amazing Enterprise 1 day challenges. Due to Covid, we are now offering to deliver this fun and interactive motivational day across 4 virtual sessions to fit in with your school timetable to be delivered across 4 consecutive weeks.

The sessions are made up as follows:

Session 1 – Adam’s key note presentation delivered digitally focusing on his Story from 16 till now concentrating on hard work, resilience, being the best version of yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people to get the happiness that you deserve, creating opportunity along with thinking about what transferrable skills we have and individual’s unique selling points.

Session 2 – A live or maybe pre-record (TBC) delivery of the Online Enterprise Challenge, starting with how to brain storm and then guiding the students through each step of what makes a great Business plan with the call to action of producing their own business pitch to present in the final session.

Session 3 – A lesson plan and materials will be provided to the school for the teacher to lead on grouping students together to design a product or service and work together to develop their pitch using the information provided in session 1 and 2 and create an advert.

Session 4 – The really fun bit! Students get to present their pitch live alongside playing their 30 second marketing video, Tick tock, Facebook, T.V. Radio commercial to Adam and 1 or 2 employers. The groups will be asked questions about their pitch and be given feedback before deciding on the winner!

Trophies and prizes will be sent to the school in advance of session 4.

The result of the days is to inspire everyone that takes part to believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur and to believe in themselves.

Suitable for students who are looking at Business or creative related careers or just need some motivation.

Dates available on request. Each session lasts up to 1 hour to fit in with school timetables and ideally should be run across 4-5 consecutive weeks.

Event Age Groups IconY10, Y9, Y11

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Gatsby benchmark 2 4 5 7

RPF learner outcomes LO1 LO2 LO5

This is a targeted postcode event

This a target postcode activity, it is available for target postcode schools.

Support with targeting is available from your hub manager, and more information can be found in the targeting, monitoring and evaluation section.

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Available Places: 30 - class

Dates available on request - please follow the link below to book.