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The Visionary Construction Project

Event providers: Salford City College

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The construction industry is consistently growing and requires an understanding of solving mathematics problems. This workshop gives students an insight into studying construction as well as understanding why Maths is important to working in construction. The session also supports GCSE Maths with challenges complimenting the curriculum in a new interactive way by being able to see 3D models of the buildings to help visualise the challenges.

This session is teacher led and contains a presentation with an introduction into construction and a short informative video of studying and working in the construction industry with interviews from a curriculum leader of construction, an architect, with her own firm, as well as some interviews with current students studying a construction qualification. Students then have the opportunity to visit the links to the GMH website with construction challenges where they can do the calculations and see if they can solve the mathematical construction problems as well as look around the 3D buildings.

The tasks contain 3D models which can be explored to help visual the challenge, although this is not essential to be viewed for the challenge should any technical difficulties occur with devices.

This session is teacher led, presentation capabilities are required as well as sound to display the introduction video.

Construction challenges can be done independently on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or computers or in groups. Alternatively, teachers can display the challenges on the board and students can try and solve the problem as a class.

Event Age Groups IconY10, Y11

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Gatsby benchmark 2 4 7

RPF learner outcomes LO1 LO2 LO3 LO5

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