The Pay Index – School & College Engagement Webinar

Have you heard about The Pay Index?

The aim of My Future report suites is to provide real answers to questions that can typically present barriers to school/college students and their parents when considering the pursuit of higher education or undertaking an apprenticeship.

Did you know that you have access to The Pay Index already? As a school/college partner of Greater Manchester Higher, you’re able to use this informative tool for FREE!

We would like to invite you to attend a short webinar hosted by The Pay Index on Wednesday 3rd March at 3pm. Join Aoife Whitford, Head of Business Development at The Pay Index, as she speaks to Ian McGarry at Greater Manchester Higher about the situation on the ground with young people’s next steps and how schools / colleges are incorporating The Pay Index into their employability programmes.

It’s completely free and we believe it’ll demonstrate how The Pay Index can educate and inform students and their parents so they can apply those findings to decisions about their future.

“We have struggled to deliver on the Gatsby Benchmarks in particular accessing local labour market information and The Pay Index provides this.” Michael Senior, Director of Sixth Form of Kingsbury High School

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03 Mar 2021



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