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Owning your potential – the Girls Network

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We aim to inspire and empower girls aged 14-19 to reach their potential through delivering a series of workshops to improve their

confidence, identify and own their unique skillsets, gain confidence in talking about these and to provide opportunities to practice this in

the workplace.

Examples of workshops we have run with schools have included:

  • Networking and career-roundtable event: An introduction to networking and an opportunity to network with 10 professionals from different industries from an HEbackground
  • Career confidence: Understanding how to learn and grow confidence and how to practice and master it to improve career performance
  • Professional personal branding: Understanding how to create students’ unique personal brand and the importance of this for their personal statements, at interview and in elevator pitches
  • Body language: How to use body language to demonstrate professionalism and increase students’ own confidence also
  • Panel discussions: We hold themed panels, inviting inspiring women to come and speak to a year group about resilience, networking or otherwise

For more information, please contact your hub manager:

Manchester hub: Chris Delanay: CDelaney@ucenmanchester.ac.uk

Bolton, Bury, Rochdale Hub: Elin Stewart-Bowker : E.Stewart-Bowker@bolton.ac.uk

Salford and Trafford Hub: Andrea Dapoto: andrea.dapoto@salfordcc.ac.uk

Stockport, Oldham, Tameside hub: Vicky Sinfield:  vicky.sinfield@tameside.ac.uk

Wigan Hub: Colin Stanfield: Colin Stanfield:  c.stanfield@wigan-leigh.ac.uk

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For more information, please contact your hub manager: