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The 2 Years’ Time Project

Event providers: Manchester Metropolitan University

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The 2 Years’ Time Project is an ambitious, intensive mentoring programme, for learners in years 11 or 12. It consists of 5 sessions, with each session lasting 45 minutes.

The Project is designed to support learners with being cognizant both of the magnitude of the transitions from secondary and post-secondary education, and the need to take ownership of preparing for such. The Project aims to:

  • Facilitate guided research and enable independent research, in turn enhancing critical thinking and decision-making skills and overall competence
  • Deconstruct dependence on the supported experience of secondary education and prepare learners for self-determination and agency, encouraging improved engagement with, and readiness to continue with, Level 3 study and higher education
  • Provide a strong narrative around ‘traditional’ higher education, higher technical qualifications, and higher level Apprenticeships, as well as the paradigms of vocational and academic pathways at Level 3
  • Inspire, enhance, or solidify HE intentions among year 11 learners transitioning to Level 3 study in the next academic year
  • Emphasise the importance and urgency of giving attention to post-18 options

Event Age Groups IconY11, Y12

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Gatsby benchmark 3 7 8

RPF learner outcomes LO1 LO2 LO3 LO6

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