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In the current situation, it might be more difficult to advise students on applying to

university. Feedback from colleagues in schools tells us that it can be especially difficult to outline all

of the opportunities and options related to biosciences and health. The University of Manchester have put together some useful resources that cover all of the considerations involved in choosing a degree and putting together a strong application. The information is relevant to all UK universities, although The University of Manchester has been used as an example.


You can also join our Teachers and Advisors webinar on Monday 5th October, 9am. The session will cover the degree options within biology, medicine and health and provide advice on submitting a good application. Information will be relevant for applications to any UK universities. Please register for the webinar uom.link/bmh-register.


To find out more please visit: https://www.bmh.manchester.ac.uk/connect/teachers-advisers/ ; or email jose.puello@manchester.ac.uk

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05 Oct 2020



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