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Subject Spotlight: Medicine – Medical Ethics and the Law

Event providers: The University of Manchester

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This workshop explores the topic of medical ethics and law. We will work through the case of Charlie Gard and his parent’s legal battle. It explores the themes of quality of life, best interest and child consent. The purpose of the workshop is to ignite discussion and get young people thinking. It explores key ethical concepts in medicine and creates a platform for thought and debate.

Booking a Subject Spotlight

The University of Manchester’s Subject Spotlight workshops are a range of higher education subject taster workshops presented by University of Manchester PhD students. These pre-recorded digital workshops provide learners with an in-depth insight into a subject which can be studied at university. When you book a Subject Spotlight workshop you will receive everything you need to deliver this workshop in your own classroom using minimal classroom resources. To support you in delivering this workshop, you will be sent a lesson plan and a pre-recorded video presentation with clear points of where to pause the video to allow learners to complete group tasks. When delivered in full these workshops will fill approximately one lesson (~45-60 mins).


  • Pre-recorded video presented by a University of Manchester PhD student
  • Lesson plan
  • Learner evaluation forms

Event Age Groups IconY10, Y11, Y12, Y13

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pre-recorded workshop, Q&A - on request

Pre-recorded workshop

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