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Event providers: The University of Manchester

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This interactive workshop delivered by student nurses gives an insight into of the role of the nurse across the hospital and community setting and an overview of the basic physiological observations that healthcare practitioners use to assess and monitor health and illness (e.g. heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure) including an opportunity to try out the equipment used.

Nursing students will talk about their own personal journey from high-school to university (e.g. motivations, potential barriers and how they overcame the barriers).

The young people involved in the project will be provided with a certificate of attendance, a leaflet summarising the information presented in the workshop, information about the University of Manchester and student finance.

There will also be the opportunity to participate in a follow-up visit to the University of Manchester to take part in a simulation-based learning workshop. Simulation aims to recreate aspects of a real-life tasks, events or experiences so learners can develop, refine and apply knowledge and skills in a safe learning environment. Involvement in simulation-based learning will give young people a hands-on, interactive taster of teaching and learning at the University of Manchester.

Event Age Groups IconY9, Y10, Y11

03 Sep 2018 - 31 May 2019

On request

In School with optional follow up campus visit

This is an ncop event

This an NCOP activity, it is available for NCOP target schools.

Based on government policy; our programme is targeted using learner postcodes. Support with targeting is available from your hub manager, and more information can be found in the targeting, monitoring and evaluation section. 

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