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See Yourself Studying…

Event providers: University of Salford

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The University of Salford’s See Yourself Studying… sessions will give insight into what it’s really like to study specific subjects in higher education. There are around 35,000 higher education courses available to study in the UK and it can be very difficult to narrow that option down. These sessions are delivered by current students who are enthusiastic about their course and can share up-to-date information, hopefully inspiring the young people to follow their interests into further study.

Our students will share…

  • What kind of topics they studied – both the general and the unique!
  • The format of their classes, specifically the difference between lectures, tutorials, and practicals.
  • How they are assessed on their course.
  • Additional opportunities available to students on that course, such as studying abroad.
  • What skills you develop while studying the subject.
  • Where the subject could lead you post-study – what careers are available to graduates

These sessions are suitable for Year 10 and above, and the subjects we offer are:

  • English Literature
  • Classical studies
  • Media Studies
  • Drama/Theatre
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Nutrition

Event Age Groups IconY10, Y11, Y12

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Gatsby benchmark 4 7

RPF learner outcomes LO1 LO2 LO5

This is a targeted postcode event

This a target postcode activity, it is available for target postcode schools and colleges.

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Booking info

Available Places: 30

To express an interest in this event please contact outreach@salford.ac.uk and provide the following details:
• Your name
• Name of your school/college
• Activity you are interested in
• Preferred dates/times
• Virtual/in-person delivery
• Any additional information you feel may be useful

One of the team will be in touch to discuss your request further. No activity is confirmed until we receive targeting information and you have been sent a confirmation email.