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Printmaking & Bookbinding (Graphic Design)

Event providers: University Campus Oldham

Close up of hands workings on a piece of print work/printmaking

A niche subject area is being explored for those thinking of Graphics/Art related courses.

This full day workshop will introduce students to a creative and more hands on experience of Graphic Design. It will act as an exciting and engaging introduction to the print-based side of visual communication, resulting in original and unique work incorporating type and image.

The day will include two sessions focusing on printmaking and book binding. Students will make a series of prints and will then bind these and other work into a book.

The workshops will include demonstrations and idea generation and you will have the opportunity to bring your own work to the creative process. You will discover Graphic Design to be much more artistic and interactive than you may have thought – it’s not all Photoshop

Event Age Groups IconY12, Y13

On Request

9.30am - 3pm

University Campus Oldham

On Campus

Gatsby benchmark 2 4 5 7

RPF learner outcomes LO1 LO2 LO5

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Spaces for 12 students

Bookings taken for Wednesday's only

Lunch will be provided