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Positive Steps – Positive Aspirations

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Positive Aspirations is designed to raise aspirations and to help participants to see beyond their own horizons and reach their full potential. Young people will gain real life experience of industries, preparing them to ask the key questions they need to make the next steps in their careers.

The course will enable students to become more aware of the opportunities available to them, developing their sense of the achievable and stretching potential. A developed sense of the pathways to success will be key to their progress; highlighting their options through further and higher education and the vocational opportunities that are available. The course will also sharpen young people’s focus to succeed and make the most of their many talents; attainment and fulfilling potential will be key aspirational messages throughout. Linked to this are the financial rewards these raised aspirations can unlock for these young people.

Young people will be encouraged to research and apply for pathways, highlighting the advantages of a clear, considered plan of action.

Session 1 (1 hour)
To prepare young people to get the most out of the Aspirational visit and to support them to feel confident about the visit.

Session 2 – Aspirational Visit (full day)
Visit to an employer including visiting cultural landmarks and lunch as part of the day.

Session 3 (1 hour)
De-brief and HE pathways including links to growth sector areas; LMI and entry requirements; Planning for the future exercise

Event Age Groups IconY12, Y13, Y9, Y10, Y11

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Gatsby benchmark 2 3 4 5 7

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