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Mission:HE On The Road

Event providers: University of Bolton

Mission:HE is a 6 week programme designed to break down barriers and raise aspirations amongst young male students who are typically underrepresented in HE. The sessions combine information about post-16 pathways with team building, coaching, study skills and interactions with role-models and guest speakers.

Event Age Groups IconY10

On Request

University of Bolton

In School/College

Gatsby benchmark 3 7 8

RPF learner outcomes LO1 LO3 LO6

This is a targeted postcode event

This a target postcode activity, it is available for target postcode schools.

Support with targeting is available from your hub manager, and more information can be found in the targeting, monitoring and evaluation section.

Booking info

Booking for Mission:HE On The Road is on request only and will be subject to availability of staff members and student ambassadors to support delivery. Schools interested in this event will need to identify a suitable cohort of young people. Participants should be available for the full 6-week programme of hour-long workshop sessions, with dates arranged in conjunction with the school.

Classroom space with projection equipment will be required to run the sessions each week. Support with targeting and further information about this project is available through your hub manager.