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Mind, Body, and Move – Sports and Exercise Taster Sessions

Event providers: UCEN Manchester

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Studying Physical Education, Biology, Sports Psychology and/or simply interested in learning what happens to your mind and body when moving around during exercise?

Come and learn about the variations in muscular contractions and their effects on neuromuscular activation through electromyography. Sounds strange? How exciting!! These workshops will take theory from the classroom into practical activities and provide students with a deeper insight into body performance. This can include performing the countermovement jump and analysing specific metrics to understand how these relate to performance whilst using force plates to assess athlete’s dynamic performance.

With the option for a tour of The Manchester College’s new state of the art Sports department and giant football pitch. Did I mention it is FIFA approved? Which means champion league matches can take place here😉

Workshops available on campus Tuesdays 2:00 – 3:30 pm.

Contact me at kbell@ucenmanchester.ac.uk for more information on how we can book/modify the workshop for your pupils.

Event Age Groups IconY12, Y13

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Tuesdays 2:00 -3:30 pm

UCEN Manchester (Openshaw Campus)

On Campus

Gatsby benchmark 2 4 7

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Available Places: 24 max