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Maths Club @ the University of Salford

Event provider: University of Salford

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The Greater Manchester Maths Club offers maths support and learning opportunities to improve attainment, confidence and motivation to help learners attain the best possible grade at GCSE. It’s a programme of practical, tried-and-tested maths activities designed to strengthen pupils’ understanding of key curricular topics across the ability range (for example fractions, problem-solving, algebra) and enhance their preparation for, and attainment at GCSE.

The resources and approach of teaching support and extend the capabilities of all, even reluctant learners. Pupils complete a wide range of engaging practical activities that cover major curriculum topics including fractions, ration, shape and space, geometry, and algebra. The format of the maths workshops are engaging and challenging; card games, maths trails, practical maths challenges and maths problem quizzes.

Event Age Groups IconY9, Y10, Y11

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10.00am - 2.30pm

University of Salford, Salford

This is an ncop event

This an NCOP activity, it is available for NCOP target schools.

Based on government policy; our programme is targeted using learner postcodes. Support with targeting is available from your hub manager, and more information can be found in the targeting, monitoring and evaluation section. 

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