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Mathematics booster – Mystery Rooms: The Perplexing Puzzles of Professor Scream! Live online.

Event providers: University Campus Oldham

gothic mystical castle showing doorway

A Gothic themed booster session for GCSE Mathematics.

Acclaimed Horror novelist Professor Scream has no problem at all in the realm of language, but he finds that whenever numeracy is involved his creations completely take control and he finds himself unable to cope.

In a series of six macabre environments students will work individually on a series of themed tasks, each of which are derived from GCSE-level maths challenges.

Challenge curriculum breakdown:
1 task of core arithmetic calculation
2 algebra tasks
2 geometry tasks
1 challenge involving probability and statistics

Event Age Groups IconY9, Y10, Y11

22 Feb 2021 - 24 Feb 2021

Slots: 10.00 - 11.30am or 1.00 - 2.30pm


In School/College

Gatsby benchmark 4 7

RPF learner outcomes LO3 LO6

Booking info

Available Places: 35 or per class

Please note this is a live event only delivered to groups of 35 students max or per class.

Dates: Mon 22nd, Tues 23rd, Weds 24th Feb 2021

Please state in 'further details' which date and time slot is preferred.