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Lost In Translation

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Lost in Translation is an engaging and informative workshop which aims to reignite students’ enthusiasm and encourage them to learn a modern foreign language (MFL). They will gain intercultural awareness, explore the benefits of language learning, discover what it’s like to study a MFL at a Higher Education level, and hear first-hand experiences of studying and working abroad.

The number of pupils in England taking a MFL at GCSE has declined dramatically in the past 25 years. While there has been a steady increase in the number of pupils entering Spanish, the number of entries in German and French GCSEs  have more than halved from 1996 to 2021. This has also contributed towards a decline in the number of learners going to university to study a MFL

As well as promoting the study of MFL courses at university, the Lost in Translation workshop will highlight potential career routes in a range of industries that benefit from professionals with a second or third language.

*No prior knowledge of languages is needed to take part in this session; activities are accessible to all.

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NB: We are unable to provide this workshop until after the 2023 February Half-Term

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