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Hits Radio Media Bus Tour

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The Hits Radio Media Bus will visit your school for the day and work with 4 groups of 12 learners from Y9 or Y10 to develop engaging radio commercials about higher education.

This activity aims to increase learners understanding of higher education, including the benefits, options available and decisions which need to be made…as well as developing their communication and team work skills.

Two Bauer academy staff will deliver a structured 50 minute session with the support of a member of Greater Manchester Higher staff. These sessions will take place lessons 1-4 of your day. 


Event Age Groups IconY9, Y10

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This is an ncop event

This an NCOP activity, it is available for NCOP target schools.

Based on government policy; our programme is targeted using learner postcodes. Support with targeting is available from your hub manager, and more information can be found in the targeting, monitoring and evaluation section.