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Event providers: University of Salford

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We are looking to engage with a small number of secondary/college teachers of Design and Technology, Maths, Physics, or Computing (years 10 and/or 12) to work with us on the set up and delivery of a project relating to the design and evaluation of prosthetic hands.

How you can get involved
Through an externally funded project, we will be developing a series of demonstrations aimed at teenagers to explain how prosthetic hands work and how we can assess whether people use them. The University of Salford has significant expertise in prosthetics, hosting both an undergraduate course and the UK Centre for Doctoral Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

We are looking in the first instance for a small number of teachers to join a steering group which can advise us on how to pitch the proposed activities, and their relevance to different subjects on the curriculum. Then we will be asking steering group members for suggestions of a small number of keen students to help with the project.

Some of the activities will involve writing code for development boards, others will focus on understanding forces and vectors, and some will look at data from sensors like the ones you find in a Fitbit to count steps. We would also welcome suggestions. Following the project, the instructions for these activities will be released open-source.

Time commitment
We will ensure any meetings are held out-of-school-hours (using Zoom or Teams), and will agree the best timing with everyone before the project commences so as to avoid any regular after-school activities and exams. Meetings will last up to an hour.
The project will start in May with a launch meeting planned for you to meet the team.
We will then hold 3 meetings in May/June to plan out the design of the activities.
Throughout the summer we will be developing the technical aspects of the activities. During this time we would maintain contact via e-mail but would not expect you to attend any meetings.
From September we will then be developing the lesson plans and instructions which would accompany the activities so alongside e-mail interaction, we would recommence monthly meetings to provide you with the opportunity to feed into the design.
The project will end in June 2023, however, if you are interested, we are also looking to maintain a longer term relationship between our research group and local schools.

How your class can get involved
As part of the project we will also be running a campus visit so that students from your school can get hands on with these activities themselves. We will share more about this closer to the time.
We also wanted to highlight a journal we have recently written an article for called Frontiers for Young Minds (https://kids.frontiersin.org/).

On Request

University of Salford Peel Park Campus and Online

Booking info

Available Places: 10-15

Expression of interest
If any of this sounds like it would be of interest, please get in touch with Luke Chapman (submit an expression of interest) and I will pass them on. For detailed information, please contact Dr Alix Chadwell (a.e.a.chadwell1@salford.ac.uk) to find out more.

For formal applications, you can include in your booking form your name, school, subject area, and years taught, and ~100-200 word summary explaining your interest in the area and any relevant experience. Please include HandBuild/HandAssess in your subject title.