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Greater Manchester Care Leavers Week

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we will be adapting this year’s Care Leaver Awards into a Care Leaver Celebration Week #GMCLW. To take place from the 2nd– 6th November.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for pictures, videos, animation and short pieces of text (max 50 words) to illustrate and highlight the achievements and talents of care leavers over the past year- this could be anything from a young person securing an apprenticeship, to succeeding in sports to making positive changes to their life- the more creative and engaging the better! We are looking for submissions from professionals and young people.

We also strongly encourage professionals and young people to join in throughout the week by sharing and retweeting social media posts congratulating the achievements of care leavers with the hashtag #GMCLW.

How will they be shared?

These will be shared on Greater Manchester Higher’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok) using the hashtag #GMCLW over the course of the week 2nd-6th November 2020.

Following the week the social media posts, pictures, animations and videos will be collated into ‘legacy video’, which will be shared and provide a lasting legacy of the achievements of Greater Manchester care leavers.

In addition to content provided by professionals and young people we also plan for special guests to provide their own congratulation messages to the young people which will be posted throughout the week.

Confidentiality and Privacy Notice

The submissions (pictures, videos, animations and text) will be shared publically on social media therefore, please do not include the full name of the young person(s), please ensure that you have the permission of the young person for the use of any images and videos, and also let them know you are submitting it for this purpose so they are fully aware of the submission and have an opportunity to have it quickly removed.

By making a submission or using this hashtag you agree to Manchester Metropolitan University (on the behalf of GM Higher) sharing your content across our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and twitter). We may also include your content in a video at the conclusion of the award week. This will be distributed via social media and amongst GM Higher partners and other interested organisations (third sector organisations, local authorities etc). We rely upon the legitimate interests lawful basis to use and share your content in this way. If you would like your content to be removed please contact gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk and we will ensure that your content is removed from our social media platforms as soon as practical.

Greater Manchester Care Leavers Week 2020 #GMCLW

Event Age Groups IconY12, Y13, Y14

02 Nov 2020 - 06 Nov 2020


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Booking info

Please email submissions to gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk.

Include your name and/or place of work/LA, and include the first name and LA of the young person(s).

The deadline for submissions is Monday 12th October.