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GM Higher Summer Olympics 2020: A flavour of….. IAG

Event providers: Greater Manchester Higher

Time to get your thinking caps on… Can you come up with bite sized fun facts /information based around going to university? How would you relay the key information to others? We encourage you to do some research and devise something in a fun and informative way.

  • Choose a topic:
    • Student Finance
    • The benefits of going to university
  • Do some research:
    • Browse the internet for up to date info
    • Check out websites and resources such as gmhigher.ac.uk, UCAS.com
  • Highlight the information via your preferred format:
    • Create an A4 poster – either freehand or digital
    • Poem – written version (preferably in rhythm and rhyme) or performed (audio/video)
    • Devise and perform a rap (audio or video)
    • A fun podcast or video with key messages

To learn more about the competition and how to enter, please see the competition brief below.

Good luck!

A flavour of…IAG competition brief

Please see our terms and conditions here: https://gmhigher.ac.uk/news/summer-olympics/

Event Age Groups IconY7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13

13 Jul 2020 - 31 Aug 2020


Gatsby benchmark 4 7

Booking info

To enter the competition please submit your entry to gmhigher@mmu.ac.uk.

More than 1 submission will be allowed. Please include your full name, school and age.