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Farm Urban – The Future Food Challenge

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The Aquaponics Challenge:

Feeding the world’s growing population is one of the most pressing problems facing humanity. Aquaponics – growing fish and plants together – is at the cutting-edge of sustainable food growing technology, and promises to revolutionise how we produce food in our cities.

Farm Urban are offering your school our TEDx talk assembly for the whole year and a workshop for two classes, to learn more about aquaponics.

The TEDx talk:

Our TEDx talk, Fixing the Broken Food System, uses fun, interactive graphics to introduce participants to the real-world problem of global food security, explaining how current methods of food production negatively impact our environment and our health. Looking at what we can do to solve the problem, the talk aims to inspire and ignite ideas around ways people can get involved and take action.

The workshop:

Students take part in an immersive, practical workshop using collaborative problem-based learning:

The challenge: to be the fastest team to build our Produce Pod aquaponic system

The catch: there are no instructions … and the clock is ticking!

Pitch your product: put your new-found knowledge to the test by persuading everyone that your system is the future of food!   Benefits to your school:

  • Year 9 students apply to form their own startups, design and build an aquaponic food system (having learnt exactly what aquaponics is!) and create a brand and business canvas around their product.
  • The Future Food Challenge inspires young people to do science and enterprise differently, through a highly practical, problem-solving based approach to learning.

The Future Food Challenge

  • By the end of the workshop participants will not only have built their own aquaponics system, but also gained the knowledge and skills to sustainably grow their own food.
  • A digital package of learning resources and activities that will guide students through the 12 Week Challenge, with a full set of learning resources, designed to make life easy for teachers!
  • Your own Produce Pod aquaponics system which can be used for ongoing experiments once the programme has finished
  • An equipment bundle for students to build their own aquaponics system
  • The chance for students to develop skills in project management, leadership, finance, teamwork, communication and scientific research skills
  • The opportunity for students to gain an insight into startup businesses, social enterprise and how they link into Higher Education activity
  • A final competition event at Farm Urban’s agri-lab to exhibit your work and pitch your product against other schools
  • The chance for Challenge participants to win a feature on The University of Manchester’s website

For more details: Aquaponics Challenge Greater Manchester



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