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Express Yourself

Event providers: University Campus Oldham

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Get the feel-good factor with this exciting and interactive Uni:4U event!

We’ve got it all in a bundle – to help you make the right impression! Whether it’s gearing towards that all-important job or going for gold with your uni application – this event focuses on expressing yourself in various ways: from presentation skills to self-awareness, confidence-building, and attention to detail.

We’ll get you thinking in different ways – to get the best out of you. It’s sure to be a few fun-filled days…so come on board. And, if that’s not enough…we’ll even throw in a daily lunch voucher!

If you would like to discuss this event further, you can contact the event lead:

Bass Abdul – bass.abdul@oldham.ac.uk

Application deadline: 21 May 2021

Event Age Groups IconY12

05 Jul 2021 - 07 Jul 2021



Gatsby benchmark 7

RPF learner outcomes LO1 LO2 LO3 LO4 LO5 LO6

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Available Places: 30

Sign up deadline: 21 May 2021

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