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Explore Sociology and Criminology

Event providers: University of Salford

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The Social Consequences of Coronavirus: Social Life Under the Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has altered our everyday lives in fundamental ways and affected all parts of society in some way. While not only posing a serious risk to people’s health, social distancing measures and lockdowns initiated in response have had severe impacts upon social interaction, family life, education, employment, crime, and the economy. In this session we explore these issues and what we can do to address them.

This mini taster sessions allows learners to gain an insight into what studying Criminology and Sociology would be like at University level.

Students do not need to be studying (or applying to study) Sociology or Criminology to participate in this taster session. Students who are interested in applying for a Social Work or Policing degree, or be a Law or Science student with an interest in the sociological impact of a pandemic… Everyone and anyone with an interest in “society” is welcome to attend.


This event will be held online via Blackboard Collaborate – a secure platform linked to the University of Salford. There are separate Risk Assessment associated to this. To book onto this event please email outreach@salford.ac.uk

Event Age Groups IconY12, Y10, Y11, Y13

24 Nov 2020 - 24 Nov 2020


Online - via Blackboard Collaborate

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To book onto this event please email outreach@salford.ac.uk