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English Literature – Modern Romeo & Juliet

Event provider: University Campus Oldham

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This taster event will look at a performance of Romeo and Juliet with a modern twist. Shakespeare’s classic story of conflict, family feuds, hatred, sacrifice, and above all, love, in transformed in this contemporary production. The Montagues are an affluent black family and major financial supporters of Manchester City Football Club. By contrast, the Capulets are a white family heavily involved in Manchester United Football Club. Both families have been feuding for years. Events take an unexpected turn when the sole heir to the Montague family Romeo, falls in love with the only daughter of the Capulet’s, Juliet. The performance will help learners visualise the key scenes and help them to relate better to their reading and elements of comparing and contrasting. The performance is followed by a discussion of the play. Actors will also be back on stage to talk about their journey into Higher Education. Curriculum Topics also include English, Drama, Performing Arts, History British Modern Values, PHSE.

Event Age Groups IconY9, Y10, Y11

05 Feb 2019

9:30am - 12pm or 1pm - 3.30pm

Grange Arts Theatre Oldham

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