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English Language – Pirate Jenny’s Search for Libertalia: Live online quest

Event providers: University Campus Oldham

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From the back of our successful English Language – Halloween mystery rooms of ‘Terrible Tales’ we now bring you – Pirate Jenny’s Search for Libertalia’.

Only by exploring each location which represents a key place in one of Pirate Jennys long lost quests will enable you to solve some of the clues…
In each location online there will be an interaction with a character, who will set up an English language related task to deal with a series of circumstances and problems!
Come with Jenny on a tour of the island and her ship and complete the challenges in order to escape the perilous island and locate Libertalia.
Pirate Jenny awaits you…virtually…and let the games…begin!!!!!!

Event Age Groups IconY9, Y10, Y11

02 Mar 2021 - 04 Mar 2021

Slots: 10.00 - 11.30am or 1.00 - 2.30pm


In School/College

Gatsby benchmark 4 7

RPF learner outcomes LO3 LO6

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Available Places: 35 or per class

Tues, 2nd March
Weds 3rd March
Thurs 4th March 2021

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Please note this event is offered to those schools/classes that missed out on 'English Language - Terrible Tales'