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Edge Inclusion – Mind Mechanics

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Mind Mechanics is an evidence-based project teaching learners and teachers early intervention strategies and techniques for better self-regulation and management of emotions to protect against poor mental health.

Mind Mechanics can be for learners already identified as being vulnerable or with a diagnosed mental health condition, as well as a universal teaching resource for classroom pupils of all ages.

Led by expert mental health practitioners, the CPD accredited workshops are run in schools and colleges, consisting of six two-hour sessions that equate to 12 CPD points. Up to two school staff members are invited to shadow the practitioner’s learning techniques that focus on feelings of anxiety, depression, anger or social difficulty that can affect a child’s self-worth, their learning ability or general happiness. Parents are also invited to join the introductory and final sessions.

Already delivered in ten schools, students are now using the strategies to help increase their self-value and concentration in the classroom. Across the primary and secondary groups that undertook the workshops, there was an overall increase of 32% in understanding of their own and others’ emotions, and a 25% increase in ability to maintain positive relationships. There was an overall improvement of 29% in self-reported scores relating to their ability to calm themselves down. For the secondary school group, there were 86% fewer visits to the pastoral care professionals, with a decrease in visits from 171 in the six months before the workshops to 30 visits in the following six months.

For more information about Mind Mechanics and the team, please visit www.edgeinc.co.uk/mindmechanics


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