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Earth Science Matters

Event providers: The University of Manchester

Earth Science Matters is a bespoke programme to show how A level Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics are both applicable and essential to the study of the earth and the environment.

The virtual event will be led by academic staff within the University of Manchester’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, who will use their expertise to deliver online interactive sessions. The event will take place on Zoom on Wednesday 25th November from 1pm-4pm. Sessions run in parallel, and you are asked to choose the Physics & Maths itinerary or the Chemistry & Biology itinerary. Content will include:

Physics and Maths

  • Massive stars and the early days of our solar system (Professor Jamie Gilmour)
  • Make your own weather forecast (Professor David Schultz)
  • Mass extinctions and natural catastrophes: let’s observe them under the X-rays (Dr Margherita Polacci)


Chemistry and Biology:

  • What are asteroids and planets made of? (Dr Romain Tartese)
  • Lavas and magma chambers (Dr David Neave)
  • A brief history of life (Dr Russell Garwood)


In our degrees in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester, students apply their physics, maths, biology and chemistry skills by studying how the Earth formed and evolved, the processes controlling weather, climate and pollution, the evolution and ecology of ancient and modern life, how the natural resources we depend on are formed, as well as the driving forces behind natural disasters.


We encourage you to come and join us if you are taking any of the above science A levels. Students taking geology, geography, or environmental science A levels are also welcome.

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Event Age Groups IconY12, Y13

25 Nov 2020

1 - 4pm

Online - via Zoom

Gatsby benchmark 7

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A level students should talk to their teachers and gain their consent to attend before registering for this event at: https://app.geckoform.com/public/

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