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Cyber Forensic STEM Days – Interactive workshops for young people

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What is a Cyber Forensics STEM Challenge Day?

Introduce your students to the exciting world of Cyber Security by booking a Cyber Forensics STEM Challenge Day – Over the course of the day students will learn skills to help them solve a cyber security crime. In addition, they will learn about careers in cyber security, the importance of keeping their digital identity safe and be given skills and information that will help them make informed decisions regarding their future education and career options.

How they work

A Smallpeice Trust Education Officer will come to your school to STEM Day workshop for up to 60 students. The day will be tailored to your school timetable. We also offer virtual delivery of the day.

What the students will do

As the world has become increasingly reliant on technology, the need for companies and individuals to protect their online presence has never been greater. In a series of cyber security-focused challenges, students will explore the fascinating world of cyber security in a fact-finding mission based on cyber forensics.

Working in groups, students will use an array of techniques utilised by cyber-security experts worldwide to try and solve a crime and collect as much evidence as possible.

Through pre-recorded videos the students will earn about Cyber Security careers from experts working in the sector.


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For more information, please contact your hub manager:

Manchester hub: Chris Delanay: CDelaney@ucenmanchester.ac.uk

Bolton, Bury, Rochdale Hub: Elin Stewart-Bowker : E.Stewart-Bowker@bolton.ac.uk

Salford and Trafford Hub: Andrea Dapoto: andrea.dapoto@salfordcc.ac.uk

Stockport, Oldham, Tameside hub: Vicky Sinfield:  vicky.sinfield@tameside.ac.uk

Wigan Hub: Colin Stanfield: Colin Stanfield:  c.stanfield@wigan-leigh.ac.uk

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