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Cosmos Engagement – Marginal Gains Programme

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Marginal Gains Programme | x3 interactive workshops designed for young men from disadvantaged backgrounds

This sustained and progressive programme has been specifically designed for young men from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Through an inspired motivational talk, based on the facilitator’s real-life story of how he achieved his life successes, student’s aspirations for their future life and educational goals will be raised.

Based on the concept of Marginal Gains (making small improvements in a number of areas of your life to achieve an overall goal), over a series of 3 interactive workshops students will learn how to apply this theory in their life to make, set and achieve their educational goals by overcoming barriers they may face.

Evidence and evaluative feedback on the sessions delivered to date has shown that young men, in particular, respond well to the concept of making large improvements through small achievable steps.


Event Age Groups IconY12, Y13, Y9, Y10, Y11

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This an NCOP activity, it is available for NCOP target schools.

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