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Medical Mavericks – Challenge the Champions

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Bring a real sports science lab into your school to showcase not just the careers and HE routes available to students, but the amazing technology that is used to monitor professional athlete’s performances.
Students get to use the sports science kit we bring in to see how they perform and how they compare to pro-athletes. They get to see how engineering and physiology are mixed together to help monitor athletes and improve their times & scores.
Activities include:

  • Race a virtual Usain Bolt on The Accelerator – record 10m sprint time
  • Test hand eye coordination on the BATAK Wall
  • Record ball throwing / kick speed with a speed radar
  • Record their jump height with an electronic jump mat
  • Measure their standing jump distance.
  • Measure their hand grip and pull strength
  • Record their power output on the Watt Bike
  • See how far they can row in 30 seconds.
  • Monitor their balance and agility on the foam mat and hex mat
  • Record an EMG (electromyogram) from their muscles using a Myo Band
  • Explore how technology was used to improve swim wear worn by pro athletes.

Each student receives their own score sheet to collect data from the equipment and check off activities. Each activity is linked to different careers and these are outlined in work sheet. They can also watch a video during the workshop to see pro athletes complete the same tests!

Event Age Groups IconY9, Y13, Y12, Y11, Y10

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Gatsby benchmark 4 5 6 8

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