Challenge 1 - HE Stadium

Football Stadium Task
Level: Foundation Paper

Health and Safety officials are investigating into HE Stadiums fire exits in case of an emergency and looking to make improvements for the future.

  1. A request has been made to find the average amount of ‘Large Exit Walkways’ for anyone who sits within the stadium. There are four seating sections, the two large sections have 14 ‘Large Exit Walkways’ and the two smaller sections have 12 ‘Large Exit Walkways’, calculate the mean number of ‘Large Exit Walkways’ across the four seating sections.
  2. The ‘Outer Staircases’ all need 6 support beams installing on each for heavy flow of traffic in an evacuation procedure. We need to keep cost down to a minimum but also support the maximum weight. The maximum amount of people that can fit on each ‘Outer Staircase’ is 74 with a max weight of 280lb for each person. Which type of support beams will be required and how much will the total cost for all 12 ‘Outer Staircases’ around the stadium?