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Aiming Higher Together

Our Network

Greater Manchester Higher is a new collaborative network promoting the opportunities for schools to engage with the outreach activities offered by local higher education (HE) providers across the Greater Manchester Region.

The partnership is a part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme, which will deliver a nationally coordinated approach to working with schools, universities and colleges to help people access higher education.


The following partners form our network, click on their logo for more information about their institution.

Greater Manchester Higher is also partnered with the National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL)


The network aims to:

  1. Improve provision of and access to HE information, advice and guidance to target learners, to enable students to make informed choices.
  2. Ensure that all state-funded secondary schools and colleges with Greater Manchester understand how they can access HE outreach activity and simplify the way in which they can do so.
  3. Identify and reduce outreach cold spots across Greater Manchester to maximise impact for schools and colleges.
  4. Recognise efficiencies and benefits of a collaborative approach to outreach.
  5. Improve the evidence base for the impact of HE outreach in Greater Manchester.
  6. Support and contribute to the growth agenda and development of higher level skills in the region.

Targeting, monitoring and evaluation

The overall aim of the NCOP programme is to work towards the government’s goal of doubling participation in HE amongst disadvantaged groups by 2020. The programme is collaborative, impartial and targeted.

Our targeting is based upon learner postcodes. The government has identified electoral wards where HE participation is lower than expected based on KS4 attainment and this is their definition of disadvantaged groups .

Our work must focus on providing intensive activities with Y9-13 learners from these wards, therefore 2/3rds of learners on any intervention must be from the target wards (with the exception of activity delivered to a whole year group or activity for targeted learners). Our Postcode tool will help you determine which of your pupils are from our target wards.

It is important that we demonstrate the success of our work. Therefore, we will need support to evaluate outcomes with learners to demonstrate our long-term impact.


We take the safeguarding of the young people we work with very seriously, please find our safeguarding statement here:

Safeguarding Statement

Cancellation Policy

All of our events are free for schools and colleges to participate in, however we have a cancellation policy in the event of less than 14 day’s notice being given.

Cancellation Policy


Manchester Metropolitan University are the lead insitution for the network.

Greater Manchester Higher is governed by a steering group who oversee the strategic and financial aspects of the project. This group meets three times a year and each institution has a representative on the steering group.

Steering Group Terms of Reference